David G Sharpe


                      Senior Lecturer in English
                   Ohio University, Athens OH



                                        Non-fiction: Rochdale: The Runaway College
                                                                                                     available as an eBook

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All coursework is conducted through the internet and students can enroll from anywhere in the world.   The course is in session during OU semesters and in addition, when available through Independent Study, enrollment is continuous when vacancies occur.  This course started in 1996 and has been taught and revised continuously since then.

Lab-based. This course is primarily intended to improve writing skills -- but students do so while developing strategies for using computers in the writing process. Language proficiency from basic grammar to stylistic polish is emphasized as a platform for higher concerns of structure and insight. Computers are used as both content and tool. Assignments are drawn from a range of styles and forms: descriptive, personal essay, narrative, investigative, comparative, persuasive, analytical, and interpretive. Critiquing of papers examines style, structure, and logic as in any composition course..  (offered since 1995)

Lab-based. This course uses a familiar art to illuminate and improve writing skills.  Movies give students a colorful, energetic source of ideas and content to work with as they practice and experiment with clarity, structure, fluency, and rhetorical control.


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Sites described above

Writing and Rhetoric II OnLine
(OU ID needed)
Writing and Rhetoric II OnLine: an overview
(public access)
Writing and Rhetoric II OnCampus Writing and Rhetoric I OnCampus


Additional Websites

The Buckeye House Rabbit Society

a non-profit organization that finds foster homes for abandoned pet rabbits



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English Department  740-593-2838


English Department
342 Ellis Hall
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio 45701
Home Address:
10775 Rosewood Lane
Athens, Ohio 45701
June to August:
3013 Irish Line,
Coldwater, Ontario

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