MATH 2301-102 Fall 2018 Calculus I Test Guide

The tests are cumulative and can include Pre-Calculus material. For each section, we give

Solutions to the sample problems are not posted because posting them would encourage you to settle for familiarity (the posted solution makes sense) rather than mastery (you are sure your own solution is correct). I recommend you work in this order:

  1. Read the book and understand the explanations and examples.
  2. Do the text homework and online homework, which have answers available.
  3. Look at this guide and do the additional sample problems.

This guide will be updated as we go along, so check it soon before each test.

Test 1, September 5

Test 2, September 26

Test 3, October 17

Test 4, November 7

Test 5, November 28

Final Exam

Martin J. Mohlenkamp

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