MATH 2301-102 Fall 2018 Calculus I Recitation 1 Week 1

See the coversheet for instructions and the point value of each problem.

    1. Write the equation of the line with slope 2 that passes through the point \((1,-7)\).
    2. Solve the equation \(|2x+1|=3\).
    3. Solve the inequality \(|x^2-9| \ge 6\).
  1. Given \(p(x) = x^3 +6x^2-9x-14\),
    1. Completely factor \(p(x)\), using the fact that \(p(2)=0\) to help you.
    2. Sketch a graph of \(p(x)\) and label the points where the graph intersects the \(x\)-axis and the \(y\)-axis.
  2. Simplify \[\frac{5(x+h)+(x+h)^2-(5x+x^2)}{h} \,.\]
    1. Solve the inequality \( e^{7x-8} \ge 2\) and express your answer in interval notation.
    2. Solve the equation \(\log_6(x+4)+\log_6(3-x)=1\) and express your answer in set notation.
  3. Given that \(\csc(\theta) = 11\) with \(\theta\) in the second quadrant, find the exact values of all six trigonometric functions evaluated at \(\theta\):
    1. \(\sin(\theta)=\)
    2. \(\cos(\theta)=\)
    3. \(\sec(\theta)=\)
    4. \(\csc(\theta)=11\)
    5. \(\tan(\theta)=\)
    6. \(\cot(\theta)=\)
  4. A superhero, standing on the ground, launches 50 feet of wire from a grappling gun, held at an angle of elevation of \(\pi/3\) radians. The grapple hits and catches the top edge of the building.
    1. How tall is the building?
    2. How far from the base of the building is the superhero standing?

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