PED 113 A01(05680), Winter 2010

Country Dance

Catalog Description:
These courses are for students wishing to gain competency in a physical activity. Courses are offered on a pass/fail basis.
We will learn American Contra dance and a selection of other traditional social dances from around the world. These dances are group dances with one person directing.
Desired Learning Outcomes:
The successful student will:
Wear comfortable clothes, and comfortable shoes that will not fall off or mark the floor. No partner required.
Martin J. Mohlenkamp,, (740)593-1259, 315-B Morton Hall. Assisted by Adriane Mohlenkamp and guest instructors.
Web page:
Class hours/ location:
MW 7:10-8pm in E216 Grover Center.
If you miss class due to participation in a university athletic team, a family emergency, or a medical reason, you can have that absence excused by informing me in writing (or email) in advance. Retroactive excuses will require additional documentation. If you have the flu or other contagious illness, do not come to class; instead email me and I will mark you as excused.
Grade/ Attendance:
This class is graded credit (CR) or fail (F). To receive credit, you must have no more than two unexcused absences. You can make up an absence by attending one of the community dances on the schedule (there will be a sign-in sheet).
Special Needs:
If you have specific physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please let me know as soon as possible so that your learning needs may be appropriately met.
  • Video on how to cough and sneeze without contaminating your hands.
  • Southeast Ohio Traditional Dance Society
  • Contra dance video
  • Schedule

    Subject to change. The blank days will be filled in with some of: Indian dance, Square dancing, or others.
    Week Day/ Date Dance
    1 Monday January 4 American Contra-style circles
    Wednesday January 6 American Contra-style circles
    Saturday January 9 Optional: Community Contra Dance 7:30pm Baker 240
    2 Monday January 11 American Contra, short line dances
    Wednesday January 13 American Contra, improper line dances
    3 Monday January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, no class (drop deadline Tuesday)
    Wednesday January 20 American Contra
    4 Monday January 25 Israeli folk dance
    Wednesday January 27 English Country dance
    5 Monday February 1 Israeli folk dance
    Wednesday February 3 English Country dance
    6 Monday February 8 Israeli folk dance (drop deadline)
    Wednesday February 10 Square dancing
    Saturday February 13 Optional: Community Contra Dance 7:30pm Baker 240
    7 Monday February 15 American Swing
    Wednesday February 17
    8 Monday February 22 American Swing
    Wednesday February 24 Swazi folk dance
    9 Monday March 1 Danish dance
    Wednesday March 3 Danish dance
    10 Monday March 8
    Wednesday March 10
    Saturday March 13 Optional: Community Contra Dance 7:30pm Baker 240

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